Who We Are

Aloe Farms, of Harlingen, Texas, has been growing, processing, and delivering Aloe Vera products since 1976. In 1986, Whole Food Magazine named Aloe Farms # 1 in Aloe Vera sales in the South Central Region. Aloe Farms' products include gel, juice, capsules, cosmetics, aloe and juice combinations, and chaya. Aloe Farms first started with it's two top selling products: Aloe Vera juice and Aloe Vera gel. These two products quickly gained popularity and prompted Aloe Farms to establish the wide variety of products we carry today.

Our products have gained high respect because they work!. Our products are not made from concentrate. Aloe Farms' juice and gel contain no sugars, fillers, or starches. Our products are of the finest quality available. Because the beneficial ingredients have not been identified, Aloe Farms insists that all properties of the Aloe Vera plant remain in the the finished products. Never has any one ingredient been identified as the miracle ingredient and therefore, anything taken out could be the one thing that is needed to combine with some other property to provide the "miraculous" benefits so often talked about.

We have prided ourselves on being a personable company with the friendliest employees anywhere. Our President, Mark Berry, handles many questions and special requests PERSONALLY. Since he started this company, he has had his customers at heart. Our customers have stayed loyal to us throughout the years. We handle each customer personally, no automated menus, just genuine attention. We guarantee products' quality with a money back guarantee. All our products are made fresh when ordered. Many Aloe Vera products are sitting in some warehouse until you order, but not ours. We make your order fresh the day you order it and have it sent out the next. We believe the best results come from fresh products.

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Aloe Farms, Inc - 3102 West Wilson Road, Harlingen, Texas-78552,
PHONE NO.: 1-800-262-6771 E-MAIL: info@aloeverafarms.com, WEBSITE:www.aloeverafarms.com