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Our Aloe Vera Capsules use freeze dried Aloe Vera in a two piece hard gelatin capsule. Aloe Farms offers this 100% Aloe Vera powder in capsules being of the finest available. They are 100 mg. per capsule with equivalency of 3.3 ounces of Aloe Vera juice per each capsule. One bottle of 50 capsules is equivalent to a little more than 5 quarts of Aloe Vera Juice. The potency is increased substantially due to the fact that upon drying the product becomes concentrated.

Now you can get the same pure Aloe Vera Powder found in our capsules in a jar. Our loose powder is perfect for adding to foods and drinks. Our powder is freeze dried to stabilize it without disturbing the active polysaccharide chains. Filler and preservative free makes our powder the next best thing to the plant itself.

Aloe Vera Gelee is a topical application that has many uses. In a handy small bottle, it can be carried with you when you travel. It is used for scrapes, scratches, cuts, abrasions, burns, or anything that needs healing attention. This product is a parent's best friend. You'll want one inyour car, purse, and kitchen for all those little emergencies. Never leave home without it. Skin Solutions

Ginseng and Aloe Vera Capsules give you the benefits of two highly regarded herbs. Aloe Farms uses 150mg. of pure ginseng powder and 100mg of pure Aloe.

Comfrey Leaf and Aloe Vera has been combined by Aloe Farms in a capsule to give a synergistic effect because both herbs complement each other so very well. Comfrey had been regarded as an important remedy in the past.

Gelee is available in 2, 4, and 16 ounces, from $4 to $15. Aloe Vera Capsules and Aloe Vera & Comfrey Capsules are available in 50, 100, and 200 capsules, from $19.97 to $39.97. Ginseng & Aloe Vera Capsules are available in 50 capsules only for $19.97.




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